Do you find yourself struggling to get a good nights sleep?

Experience bliss in bed with Vellux Blankets Australia


Vellux Blankets Australia

What makes our blankets so uniquely different?

From the moment you tuck into bed, you’ll discover a comfort and warmth like no other. A soft, lightweight comfort that prevents overheating with a delicious warmth that will help you drift off to sleep no matter what the weather is doing.

So, if you’re the type of person that values being able to sleep comfortably whether it be a cool night, or a warm night… You’ll be glad you chose a Vellux.

Discover the difference for yourself…

  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Machine washable
  • Tumble dry in 15 minutes
  • Featherweight – thermal warmth
  • Luxurious velour
  • Colourfast decorator colours
  • Generous sizes
  • Shrink-proof

Only the Best

In a class of it’s own!

Luxuriously soft velour is what makes Vellux blankets so unique. Once experienced, it is easy to understand why Vellux quickly becomes everyone’s favourite go-to blanket. The lightweight warmth is friendly to all, including those with arthritis, while children just love its cuddly friendly feel. Vellux blankets have been sold worldwide since its invention. An invention so unique, that only the special manufacturing plant owned by WestPoint Home Inc can produce this amazing fabric.

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Large Single

183 x 240cm



244 x 240cm



274 x 240cm




Remains dust free when washed regularly – perfect for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.


Experience true comfort with luxurious velour material that’s lightweight & breathable.

Machine Washable

Simply machine wash and line dry your Vellux blanket at least once every three months.

Shrink Proof

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your favourite blanket will NOT be shrinking – guaranteed!.

Generous Sizes

We’re all about value, that’s why our exclusive blankets are made naturally bigger.


What People are Saying

“Love this blanket”

“Love this blanket. its soft, its durable, perfectly suited to the Australian climate, its non-allergenic, it maintains a comfortable sleeping temperature all night and doesn’t overheat, very easy to wash, very unique product, I can highly recommend it.”

J Folbigg

“Highly recommend these blankets”

“Highly recommend these blankets…. so soft, comfortable and cosy. I’ve tried many blankets over the years – this is the only one I have found to be perfect for all seasons especially for Australia’s unpredictable change of seasons. They are so light weight, and durable that I take it with me when staying away from home.”

J Atkins

“My family loves these blankets!”

“My family loves these blankets! They must be well manufactured considering the torture we put them through. We even donated one to our dogs to sleep on a couple of years ago and that’s still going strong despite frequent hard washing and the dogs claws etc. IMO the best feature though is the comfortable year round sleep the Vellux blankets provide”

A Harpham

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Easy Care Tips

Easiest blanket to wash and maintain

This amazing, high-tech, ultra-light, ultra-warm, low maintenance blanket is quick and easy to wash, wears well, and won’t pill or mat; plus, it dries in next to no time… which leaves more time for you!

Easy to Wash

Simply machine wash your Vellux blanket at least once every three months to keep it “healthy”. Dissolve washing powders before adding to wash, or use liquid fabric cleaners for best results. Do not dry clean your Vellux blanket.

Easy to Dry

Vellux blankets are so lightweight, You can easily line dry [maximum 1 hour] or tumble dry for 15 minutes [maximum] and it will be ready to put back on your bed! No need to iron. Store wrapped in dry cleaning tissue [avoid plastic bags or airtight container]

Super Warm & Light

Vellux® will keep you nice and warm on those colder nights, and is lightweight enough to keep you sleeping comfortably on warmer nights. Imported under licence from WestPoint Home Inc, New York (owners of the Vellux trademark) Made in China

Risk Free

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t like the blanket within the first 30 days from receiving your order, then we will gladly refund your money. No questions asked!

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